Do and Do Not: Things You Should Know Before Traveling To Macau

Do and Do Not: Things You Should Know Before Traveling To Macau

Macau, a special administrative region (SAR) of China, lies within the Pearl River Delta, off the shores of the South China Sea. It’s a region that has a globally competitive territorial currency with a long history that dates back to the late 19th century. The area welcomes visitors from all over the globe to enjoy a seaside atmosphere and many attractions. Hundreds of thousands of guests visit Macau every year to enjoy gambling pursuits offered by the locally-regulated casinos, authentic Macanese hospitality, pristine beaches, museums, and ancient ruins.

Just like visiting other foreign destinations, you need to ensure that your practices during the holiday conform to the local Macanese lifestyle while avoiding some of the travel taboos in East Vegas. We have compiled this Macau travel guide to reveal some dos and don’ts you need to know before you embark on a trip to Macau.

The Do’s

Understand That There Are Multiple Routes to Macau

Flights to Macau come with expensive plane tickets, but it’s not a reason not to visit. After you arrive at the Hong Kong International Airport, you can easily access Macau using ferry services from two ports in the city. Ferries depart every hour. The government also constructed a road-bridge linking mainland China to Macau. That opened up reliable bus transportation. Although Macau doesn’t have a train station, neighboring Zhuhai does. The station is nestled right at the Macau-Zhuhai border, meaning you can literally walk to Macau.

Try out the Delicious Dim Sum

A city of multiple ethnic groups, Macau invites gourmands to taste some mouth-watering cuisines that tingle your taste buds with unique flavors. The Dim Sum dishes are an excellent example. The meal is not only delicious but tells cultural tales as well. They include finger dishes and Chinese-style canapes that include the Barbecue Pork Puns, rice noodle rolls, Steamed Shrimp Dumplings, and Chinese Broccoli served with oyster sauce.

Maintain the Left-Hand Side when Driving

The traffic laws in Macau require every motorist to drive on the left-hand side of the road. This is particularly critical when you’re a pedestrian. Unlike in Hong Kong, Macau does not have many roadside “Always look right” signs. You need to check for the oncoming traffic on your right side first then check the left side before crossing the road. It might take weeks to get accustomed to that, but you can get the jig of it.

Dress Appropriately

If you’d like to eat outside your holiday rental, you may want to flaunt yourself in an appropriate dress-code, or you will be barred from entering that dining spot that you’ve had under your radar for a while.

The Macanese are very particular about what they put on. That’s why we wouldn’t recommend visiting restaurants or other public places in casual or beachwear. Their dressing culture dictates that you adorn yourself in a beautiful dress with a sublime blend of colors. They have the notion that you feel zestful and confident in such clothes.

The Don’ts

Don’t Enter a Casino when Drunk

Don’t attempt to seek admission into any casino when you are under the influence of alcohol. Macau has strict drug enforcement policies that prohibit anyone, whether a local or a visitor, who is drunk from entering gaining entry. Most casinos splurge a large chunk of their profits to bolster securities in their establishments. Before you know it, the security guard will have already pointed you to the door.

Don’t Trot Around

In a sprawling metropolis such as Macau, people walk and do things at an astonishingly fast pace. It is a travel taboo in Macau to walk as slow as a snail or block someone’s path because you don’t see the need to rush. It is no coincidence that your leisurely walk annoys people in a bustling city with crowds of people moving swiftly on the streets. Therefore, if you plan to take a city tour around and catch a glimpse of some of the best attractions, you need to start training yourself so that you can match the speed of the natives here.

Don’t Get Carried Away by Your Desires

While strolling the streets within high-end resorts, beautiful girls may approach you, offering sexual favors. For your good, walk away and ignore such a cheap favor. The chances are that you may end up a victim of a con artist or a sex scam. The Macanese are decent, conservative people, but street walkers from the mainland are prolific in Macau.

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