Unique Things To Do In Macau

Unique Things To Do In Macau

Who would have thought that a region in China would have as much glamour and glitz as the present-day Las Vegas as we know it? One thing that comes to mind when you think of Macau, a SAR (Special Administrative Region) of China, is a gambler’s haven. The reality will reveal a plethora of unique recreational pursuits that lure millions of travelers from all over the world. It’s a place where many cultures interact, most notably the potent fusion between authentic Asian and Portuguese heritage. That said, travelers can expect to taste some unique cuisines and flavors, visit historical places, museums, pristine beaches, and parks, among others. Below are some stand-alone attractions and activities you need to include in your next itinerary Macau travel.

Grand Lapa Spa’s Sangria Bath

If you’ve ever been to a destination in the Mediterranean, you might have tingled your taste buds to a refreshing glass of sangria. The Grand Lapa Spa takes that experience a notch higher by letting guests take a revitalizing bath in sangria. For centuries, sangria has been a critical ingredient for Macanese cleansing rituals and it is believed that this unusual bathwater has medicinal properties. At the Lapa Spa, you experience royal treatment with a two-hour bath that involves, massages, a full body scrub, and sangria bath. You’ll also relish the spa’s vinotherapy that uses extract, seeds, and stems of the grape plant to moisturize the skin.

A Magical Experience at The House of Dancing Water

Some of the popular water fountains may well be seen in Las Vegas, especially at the Bellagio. However, Macau’s House of Dancing Water ranks among the world’s largest water display, shooting water jets in synchronized patterns above, in, on, and around a pool of water. The HDW also exudes a fairy-like atmosphere, complete with the usual fairy-tale characters such as an evil stepmother, victimized princess, and a queer stranger. Take a sit around the 3.7-million-gallon water pool and enjoy a colorful display of inspired lighting and sound effects with performers doing some awe-inspiring stunts.

Watch Pink Dolphins

Because of the its closeness to Hing Kong, most people usually visit Macau during day trips. There is no better way to have fun before entering the Macanese realm than to watch one of the rarest marine creatures on the planet, the pink dolphins. Also known as the Indo-pacific Humpback dolphins, these species are indigenous to the local waters of the Pearl River Delta and have eye-catching rosy color. Several companies offer chartered cruises to various islands in the region, offering visitors an opportunity to see pink dolphins.

Ride a Gondola at The Venetian Macau

Whether you are planning for a romantic getaway or family vacation, you must list The Venetian Macau in your bucket list. Complete with relaxing gondola rides, you might fall into a reverie, thinking that you are in Venice, Italy. It’s one of the must-try things in Macau if you’re traveling on a budget. The Venetian Hotel features virtually every detail you’d see in Italy: subtly-colored facades, beautiful bridges with water flowing beneath, and sky-blue ceilings to simulate an authentic Venetian atmosphere. Boatmen are always ready to greet their gondola passengers and show them how to sail down the spectacular canals while singing soothing songs for a unique teleporting experience.

Pay Tribute to Matzu at the A-Ma Temple

A visit to the A-Ma Temple takes you back to the late 15th century and offers insights about this temple which was built in honor of the goddess of fishermen and seafarers, Matzu. It is, therefore, no coincidence that the temple was established on a port city in Macau, and is the oldest Taoist temple in the region. Some history documents indicate that the early Portuguese seafarers named the region after they wrongly heard the locals uttering “Matzu”. Stroll the interesting pavilions and other neighboring streets, and pay tribute to Matzu, in case you’ll be leaving Macau by ferry.

Take the World’s Highest Bungy Jump at the Macau Tower

The Macau Tower is a hub for adrenaline junkies, considering it offers the highest bunjy jump on the planet. In fact, it boasts the Guinness World Record for the highest bungy jump, with jumps and dives that cover a mind-boggling height of 233 meters. Guests leap from the jumping platforms and take a free fall before rebounding back just 30 meters above the ground. Isn’t that the ultimate thrill? Macau Tower also has the SkyWalk and SkyJump for guests looking for activities with less adrenaline.

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Unique Things To Do In Macau

Who would have thought that a region in China would have as much glamour and glitz as the present-day Las Vegas as we know it? One thing that comes to mind when you think of Macau, a SAR (Special Administrative Region) of China, is a gambler's haven. The reality will...


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