Blockbuster Movies Shot in Macau

Blockbuster Movies Shot in Macau

Macau also known as “Vegas of China,” has much to offer. The destination, which was a Portuguese colony for over 300 years is the home of gambling and world-class luxury entertainment. With its cultural hybridity and rich heritage that manifests in all aspects of life, Macau is surely the perfect getaway.

But wait! Are these the only things Macau is popular for?

The Asian destination is a popular filming location that attracts renowned movie-makers across the globe. Movies shot in Macau have created a storm in box offices across the world. “Now You See Me 2” alone brought in a staggering $334.9 million in 2016.

If you know about movies and making them, then you understand this was a huge success.

More importantly, if you are thinking this is the only film produced in Macau that was awesome and successful, then think again because we are just getting started.

1. Johnny English (2011)

What’s not to love about Rowan Atkinson also popularly known as “Mr. Bean.” He is hilarious and there is something about his face that makes you burst into laughter. That’s why, in 2011, he was asked to star in Johnny English as the bumbling spy and it was a great success. But did you know that this is amongst one of the most famous films shot in Macau? In the plot, the blockbuster integrates brief scenes that are shot in Casino Lisboa and Grand Lisboa, which was by then Macau’s tallest building.

2. Skyfall (2012)

Welcome to the world of James Bond (007), a womanizing M16 spy who is a key character in Skyfall. The famous movie shot in Macau and starring big names in the industry like Daniel Craig, features scenes from “Golden Dragon Casino,” found in the Asian destination.

Wait! Have you realized due to the popularity of gambling in Macau the producers are really trying to enhance the plots of the movies with the presence of casinos? Well, the only disappointing thing about this movie is that the aforementioned scene was created in a Studio in the UK.

Nevertheless, Skyfall was the most popular James Bond movie in 2012 and it was the third after Marvel’s Avengers and Warner Bros the Dark Knight Rises to cross the $1 billion mark in ticket sales in that year.

Arguably, this one of the most renowned movies shot in Macau and was nominated for an incredible 8 BAFTA awards.

3. The Audition (2015)

The short Hollywood blockbuster is a film in Macau that cannot go unnoticed. Starring most of the big names in the industry like Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, Robert De Niro, and directed by Martin Scorsese, the famous film was shot in Studio City resort in Macau, which is a Hollywood-themed establishment. Even better, the film is rumored to have spent a budget of staggering $70 million. That’s really cool, right?

4. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1984)

Indiana Jones is one of the most famous franchises to grace cinemas. That’s why it was such an honor for Macau to be the staging ground for one of the greatest movies ever made—Temple of Doom. In the movie’s plot, Indiana Jones must hunt a mystical stone suspected to be found in North India and also help to rescue the children of the natives from a notorious Thuggee cult. One thing that most people don’t know about the film, is that the scenes were shot in Macau. More importantly, this is one of the most popular movies shot in Macau.

5. Now you See Me 2 (2016)

The list of great films in Macau is never complete without the most recent award-winning Now You See Me 2. The original movie Now You See Me the 2013 version won the best Thriller Movie at the 2014 People’s Choice. Even better, the 2016 blockbuster nailed it across box offices across the world. With all the success of this film, it would be a shame if we didn’t mention a number of scenes in Now You See Me 2 were featured in and around Macau including the Macau Science Center.

Final Takeaways

Famous films shot in Macau have left a lasting impression on many movie fans. This owes to the fact that the destination is awesome and provides beautiful sceneries and landmarks for film-makers. Most of the movies shot in Macau have never disappointed the audience.

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