Strictly Street Eats

Strictly Street Eats

The finest way to get to know a city is through their cuisines and Macau is not an exception. It is a great place to not only have fun but also eat exquisite cuisines. Macau street food is not at all ordinary food—it is Michelin-rated street food.

Even though your friends don’t refer to you as a “foodie”, Macau street food is a must eat.

From the Portuguese egg tarts to pork chop buns, the menu list of Macau street food is endless. A good eating experience in Macau is not just about trying local cuisines but also going for international cuisines.

In addition to its unique cuisines, many tourists find Macau an exciting place with its nostalgic old charm and a culture akin to other Chinese places, but without the mounting pressure like Hong Kong’s or other Asian cities.

Ah, the joys of having good food to eat—for a very cheap price! It’s fast, it’s affordable, and it’s damn delicious. If you’re down to try, check out these must-eats when you’re in Macau!

Macau Portuguese Egg Tart

The last name everyone would expect from street food is “Egg Tart.” This delicacy has become one of the most edible icons and attracts visitors from all over the world to Macau.

With their delightful egg custard centers, flaky pastry crusts, and their crispy crème Brulee tops, egg tarts are definitely mouth-watering dishes and they taste twice better when steaming hot.

The Macau Portuguese egg tart is similar to Hong Kong egg tart.

Honestly, they are both delicious. But the Macanese egg tart takes the cake as it was the place of origin.

So, how did this delicious food come to be?

The tale of this must-eat food in Macau began three decades ago when an Essex-born pharmacist decided to create a pastel de nata for the Portuguese community.

With no available recipe to use, he decided to experiment with a strong British custard filling, based on the Portuguese pastry techniques.

Wahoo! This was the genesis of a great delicacy in Macau after the locals became hooked on the taste bud-tantalizing Egg Tarts.

This is how the dish grew before the current online “likes”. KFC across Macau and China have ever since fed delicacy to millions of hungry mouths.

Therefore, when in the destination, this cuisine should be on top of your ‘what to eat in Macau’ list.

Pork Chop Bun

Whenever you see menus of Macau street foods, the pork chop bun will undeniably be part of the picture. There are few things more satisfying in life than a well-prepared pork chop bun.

So, the second cuisine that you should never miss in your list of “must eat food in Macau” is the pork chop bun—a marinated tender pork that makes it soft in the inside and crunchy on the outside.

On the Macau streets, you may hear someone shout, “Macanese version of a hamburger” on their order. Do not be confused, the customer is ordering a pork chop bun.

The best pork chop bun location is near the Macau’s BCM bank. Once you trace the landmark, you will notice a joint opposite Rua do Monte. Head here for a delicious super-tender pork chop bun. This is one of the places you won’t mind eating twice on a single meal.

Avoid the peak hours as the queue can be quite long. Always remember a bottle of milk or coffee goes well with the bun.

African Chicken

You may be wondering how an African dish can be a typical food in Macau. Here is the clue!

African Chicken dish is a chicken prepared in Piri-Piri style with spicy rich gravy sauce inspired by ingredients from African Portuguese colonies like Mozambique and Angola, where the creator of this dish constantly traveled to.

Now you get the connection. Right? The Portuguese merchants who traveled in these African parts of the Portuguese empire returned with some ingredients that were incorporated in what has now remained as one of the famous must try street food in Macau.

As you take some strolls along Macau streets, you will come across Litoral Restaurant which is one of the few joints that specializes in Macanese foods.

Meat Jerky

Meat jerkies are very popular in Macau street foods. You will see a lot of these displays as you stroll around.

Feel free to try the already cut samples—hot and spicy pork jerky, hot and spicy beef jerky, or the honey roasted pig.

Don’t bother packing some meat jerkies in your suitcases as it will be easily confiscated at customs.

Durian Ice Cream

Did trying the above foods in Macau solve the misery? I still think that you should not leave Macau without trying the Durian ice cream as a dessert.

Do not bother asking for directions to get to these ice cream shops. If Durian ice cream is close, you will definitely smell it.

Even if this is not an indigenous Macau street dessert, it is still the local’s favorite. Remember, Gelatina Mok Yi Kei, is the renowned center for this dessert for over 85 years.

Bottom Line

Macau street food is really incredible. Chinese and European fusion makes Macau a unique tourist destination for “Foodies.” When you plan a Macau trip, do not bother preparing what to eat in Macau as every street has its delicacy.

You will taste a lot of Macau street food samples before settling on what is best for you along the pedestrian streets.

If you are looking for a unique vacation, Macau should always be your first option.

The best thing is that it will cost you only a few dollars for a couple of amazing experiences.

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